In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors Gorze, Gregory
Halilovic, Nedzad
Gompf, Jennifer
Board members lead and manage the direction of the club.
Community Outreach Fischer, Shara
The committee looks for opportunities to volunteer in the community. A couple of their projects they coordinate each year are the Salvation Army Bell Ringing and the Special Olympics Track and Field event.
HMR K-Kids Johnston, Rick
Horace Mann Roosevelt - Young Leaders Helping Others
Human & Spiritual Values Isaacson, David
Dirksen, Steve
Slette, Mike
This committee organizes a Kiwanis Prayer meeting each year and is available to pray at Kiwanis meetings.
Interclub Fisher, John
The Interclub committee attends a few Kiwanis Club meetings from other clubs throughout the year. There are 6 other clubs in the Fargo Moorhead area, and it is fun to meet other Kiwanians and see how they run their clubs.
Kiwanis Grants Schoenberg, Ann R
The Kiwanis Grants committee meets twice a year in January and July. The money we raise from the Kiwanis Pancake Karnival is donated to organizations in our area. The organizations submit their requests for funds to our club, and this committee ranks the requests, discusses, and decides where to donate the funds. The committee brings their recommendations to the board for approval.
Marketing Hensrud, Mark
The marketing committee sends press releases and organizes advertising for the Kiwanis Pancake Karnival. They also update the Kiwanis Club of Fargo’s website and send other press releases regarding our accomplishments.
Membership/Growth Education Gorze, Gregory
The membership committee assists in recruiting new members, educating new members about our club, and helping grow our club, so we can accomplish more.
Music Bailly, Dick
The music committee helps choose songs for the different weekly programs, plays the piano at our weekly meetings and may even write special songs to prepare us for the Pancake Karnival, etc.
Pancake Karnival Jacobson, Sally
The pancake committee assists with recruiting volunteers to work the Pancake Karnival, ensuring the supplies are ordered for the day, training volunteers, leading the teams on the fundraiser day and other duties, so the Pancake Karnival runs smoothly each year.
Program Committee Gompf, Jennifer
The program committee helps the committee chair find programs for our weekly meetings.
Scholarship Foundation Gregor, Shanon
The Scholarship Foundation evaluates high school and college student scholarship applications and determines which students will receive scholarships toward their education and the amount of the scholarship.
SLP: Aktion Club Grabar, Barb
The Aktion Club is a club for adults with disabilities and gives them an opportunity to serve in the community. Our club provides funding and mentorship to this club.
SLP: Key Club Advising Committee Zabel, Todd
Gompf, Jennifer
The high school students at Shanley, South, Davies, and Oak Grove High School serve the community, and Kiwanis assists with funding and mentorship.
SLP: NDSU Circle K Deckard, Edward
Taylor, Courtney
The Circle K Club at NDSU is a club of college students who do service projects. We help with funding and mentorship.
Social Events Tait, Craig
Hensrud, Mark
Sets up social get togethers for Kiwanians to gather.
Social Media Fisher, John
Braunberger, Adam
Responsible for social media activity
Student Honors Hoffman, Ryan
Each year in April our club holds a lunch banquet to honor the high school seniors from Fargo and West Fargo who are in the Honor Society.
The Eliminate Project Gregor, David
Striving to eliminate maternal & neonatal tetanus (MNT) by 2015!
Young Children Priority One Bailly, Margie
This committee helps support projects that address the needs of young children from providing music CDs to newborn infants through our local hospitals to looking at safety, early development, infant health, etc.